“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver

It dawned on me this afternoon that yesterday was “Produce with Amy’s” 10 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY!

While I may not have realized fame and fortune in 10 years like some bloggers do, I feel rather accomplished. I set a goal to share my love of cooking, nutrition, growing flowers and vegetables, writing, photography – and the hopes that it would encourage myself, and others, to be more productive and healthy. I can proudly say that I have stuck with this goal!

Some of you have been here since the beginning and that blows me away. I am thankful for the comments here and on my blog and I am thankful for everyone that is sharing this adventure with me.

I have been through a lot of changes over these years. I went from eating 100% plant based meals, to eating vegetarian, to adding meat back into my diet.

In the past 10 years I have gone through other major life changes. I felt the anguish of divorce, remarried and became a LEO wife, became a step-mom, found my place on a farm and quickly transitioned to a Crazy-Chicken-Lady and Queen of a large pack of dogs.

With major life changes I went through periods where I barely posted at all. Though, I refused to give up on my blog. I also refused to delete posts that refer to my “past life”. Healing is a long, tenuous, and sometimes painful process. Yet, it also involves celebrating things about the past that helped shape you into who you are today.

As a writing teacher, I tell my students that our writing is a time capsule. It documents our personal and professional growth. It helps us understand where we have been, where we are, are where we are going. It teaches us to value and tell our stories.

My little blog may not have generated my own cooking show or my own line of dishes or merchandise. However, it has opened up some opportunities. I have forged supportive long-distance friendships, authored several pieces of writing for Weight Watchers, I found my own little nook of a column in “Marquette Neighbors Magazine”, and it gave me the courage to become a vendor at the Skandia Farmers Market. It’s made my family shake their heads when we go somewhere and someone recognizes me and says, “Hey, aren’t you Produce with Amy”?!

However, most importantly, over the years I hope that I have encouraged you to be adventurous with food and to eat your vegetables. I hope my words and photos urged you to appreciate the beauty in the simple things of life. To set a pretty table and to take the time to make something homemade. To stop and breathe, to give yourself space and grace, and to step out of your comfort zone.

In the past 10 years I have learned that if you feel uncomfortably hemmed in – it’s paramount that you change your stars and your trajectory.

Do not be afraid to take risks. You never know, you may find yourself buying a piece of property in Alaska and realizing a dream that you never even knew existed.

Thank you and please keep sharing this adventure with me. Keep commenting, sharing my posts, and encouraging others to eat homemade, wholesome meals. Remember to take care of yourself – and each other.

Never forget that your story matters. 💚

*If you have enjoyed my recipes, please consider sharing this post and encouraging others to like my blog. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “10 YEAR BLOGAVERSARY

  1. Love, love, love your columns and recipes! Used one this past weekend. You make me smile.

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for your comment. You made my New Year so much more special. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for being a burst of sunshine!

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