About Amy Armstrong-Waldo

I am a high school English teacher, writer, animal lover, and former Weight Watchers Coach — who lives on a farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my husband John (who is a K9 Officer), my two step-kids, a flock of spoiled birds (chickens, ducks, & turkeys), and a pack of loyal and loved dogs.

Years ago when I was a Weight Watchers coach, my members told me that I should publish a cookbook since they enjoyed the healthy recipes that I shared. Blogging seemed to be the perfect fit to share my passion for fresh food and to model myself as a writer to my students. I love being able to use my blog in my classes as an example of real world writing and to demonstrate positive ways that we can use social media. In the process, maybe I can inspire my students to eat healthier and adapt healthy habits that they can develop into adulthood.

Always keep fresh produce on hand.Over the years I have learned that I need to switch things up often to keep my body guessing and stay motivated to weight management. In 2013, after focusing on vegetarian and pescatarian meals for four years, I decided to branch out further and maintain a plant-based diet. In the past I had gone months of eating clean, plant-based meals and I loved the abundance of energy I possessed and wanted to feel this way again. 

I am a work in progress and I thank my community of readers for your feedback and support. It is my pleasure to share my recipes and insight with you and I ask you to do the same. Social networking allows us the opportunity of reciprocal education.

For my plant-based friends that have been following my blog, you may see a few changes/options in some of my recipes. Not only am I going to introduce kid friendly recipes, but I will also be including dairy, eggs, and meat in some. Though my plant-based and vegetarian readers can always use dairy free and meat substitutes.

When my husband John and I fell in love we knew we were meant to be. Yet, we also knew we would have some differences in opinion on food.

While I try to maintain a diet heavy in plants, John is a hunter and hobby farmer who raises Our charming log cabin nestled in the woods.free range chickens and other livestock. In 2018 I started eating the meat that we raise in moderation. However, we eat a lot of meatless meals and I encourage my family to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diet. I love that John does not want to have to rely on factory farmed meat and it is our long-term goal to produce as much of our own food as possible. In 2016 we acquired a hoop house from a USDA grant to help extend our rather short growing season in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One day I hope to take advantage of my broadcasting degree and have my own cooking show, publish cookbooks, and have my own line of vibrant dishware. Until then, I will keep learning, creating, writing, and sharing.

If you want to contact me, here is my email address: producewithamy@gmail.com

Join the conversation on my Facebook page and follow my Produce with Amy board on Pinterest.

Also, please check out and subscribe to our family YouTube Channel: Superior Maple Grove Farm. 

I also have a sister blog where I share aspects of my life as an English teacher, as well as writing prompts and my own creative writing. The blog is called Glitter & Dog Hair

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Amy 1

Our Wedding Day: John, Avalon, Lukas, and I with my Mom Karen and my best friend Kim. Our Wedding Day: John, Avalon, Lukas, and I with my Mom Karen and my best friend Kim.

Avalon, Lukas, and Amy. We got married outside by Lake Superior and it was a cold, blustery day. However, as you can see by our smiles - we didn't let the weather interfere with our happiness. Avalon, Lukas, and Amy.
We got married outside by Lake Superior and it was a cold, blustery day. However, as you can see by our smiles – we didn’t let the weather interfere with our happiness.


8 thoughts on “About Amy Armstrong-Waldo

  1. Just found you Amy on Ask Florine and I know I’m going to like your blog. I’m curious where you are in the UP because we have good friends that live up there and her maiden name is Laitinen. I know you’re probably not related because her brother has lived in Arizona for years. I’m looking forward to reading the archives and getting some tips.

    1. Hi Fern,
      I am located in Negaunee. Laitinen is a common Finnish name but you never know…it may be a relative. 🙂 My husband’s uncle Mel lives in Arizona. I am thankful that you found my blog. Please keep commenting and sharing. I love communicating with others that are concerned about healthful eating.

  2. Yes I ended up seeing that is where you live….my friends live in Atlantic Mine just outside of Houghton and their last name is Maki….another common Finn name. Her brothers name is Vern and don’t think they have too many relatives. I’m in the Detroit area and we go up there about once a year….just love it!!! Not your winters though.
    I’m getting back on the ball with WW and need all the motivation I can get and I love blogs. It’s nice to see a Yooper girl!

  3. Hi Amy –

    Great blog! I’m an NMU student following a similar diet and lifestyle, though I am newly glutein free, as well. Do you know anyone in Marquette (or the surrounding area) that offers massage or reiki and could help coach me on this new food restriction?



    1. Hey HT-

      Let me know how it goes if you try out Kim’s, I’ve heard mixed reviews but am interested in her massage practice. I like that she incorporates essential oils in her therapies.


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