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Sugar Spice And Glitter: 25 + Mason Jar Salads (Paradise in Jar Salad with Blueberry Lemon Dressing)

Epicurious: 9 Gorgeous Mason Jar Salads to Make and Take with You For Lunch Next Week. (All but the first recipe is my creation)

Fit Bottomed Eats13 Mason Jar Salads to Try (#11 Harvest Rainbow Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing)

skinnyms.: 13 Clean and Lean Lunches in Mason Jars (Spectrum Salad)

29 Mouthwatering Ways to Enjoy a Snack Attack (#9 Pumpkin Shake)

13 Banana Free Smoothie Recipes (#11 Jeweled Ambrosia Green Smoothie)

Running from Perfect: Dancing tastebuds and Mason Jar Salads…I’m Obsessed

Organize Yourself Skinny: The Ultimate Mason Jar Salad Tutorial and Recipe Roundup (Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

Be Youthful: Salad in a Jar: How to Pack It Up Perfectly (Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

Greenling: Meal Planning? Lettuce Help You Houston!

Can Can Cleanse: Mason Jar Salads. Yum!

Ya Gotta Have a Hobby: Winter Citrus and Quinoa Mason Jar Salads with Green Apple Vinaigrette

Vegan Iowa: Healthy Tips for the Busy Vegan (Mason jar salads)

Let’s Lasso The Moon: 30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes (#10 Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

Crazy Healthy: Mason Jar Salad? …maybe 12 of them?!? (#11 Harvest Rainbow Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing)

how does she?:  15 Delicious Mason Jar Salads to Make Life Easier (#5 Rainbow Salad)

totalbeauty.com: 9 Next-Level Mason Jar Recipes for Your Best Lunch, Ever (#10 Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

Foodie Fitness: 10 Mason Jar Salad Recipes Perfect for Work Lunches (#9 Apple a Day Mason Jar Salad)

The Grass Skirt Blog: 20 Healthy Mason Jar Salads & Layering Tips 

Charting by the Stars: Breaking the Chain (features Confetti Salad)

Pro Girl Fitness: Glowing Green (features Glowing Green Salad)

Jewels and Sand: Mason Jar Salads for the Week (features Glowing Green Salad)

What A Girl Needs To Know This Week: How to make the best Mason jar salads (features Blue & Purple Passion Salads with Tangerine Vinaigrette, Summer Sunshine Salad, Scarlet Salads with Cherry Chipotle Dressing, Harvest Rainbow Salads with Creamy Pesto Dressing)

ARCHES: Mount Mary University: Put a Lid on It: Meals for Your Busiest Semester (features Classic Salad)

Hurry The Food Up: HOW TO PACK A SALAD IN A JAR + 21 STUNNING RECIPES (#10 Paradise in a Jar Salad)

One Little Project At a Time…: 33 Healthy Mason Jar Salads (Fruit Salad with Blueberry Lemon Dressing)

A Bountiful Love: 30 No Cook Meals (#25 Paradise in a Jar)

Simple Nourished Living: 17 MASON JAR SALADS FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS (Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

Radio Nutrition: Mason Jar Lunches for the Work Week
(Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad)

allwomanstalk: Here’s How To Make Your Lunch Totally Memorable And Utterly Craveable… (#19 Harvest Rainbow Mason Jar Salad)

The Healthology: Fall Forward Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Brett Blumenthal SHEER BALANCE: Recipes for Eating the Rainbow (Harvest Rainbow Mason Jar Salad with Creamy Pesto)

Please feel free to share my recipes with a link back to my post. Do not hesitate to contact me, I would love to partner with you. I enjoy being part of a healthy community that helps to promote each other’s work. .

email: producewithamy@gmail.com
Facebook: Produce with Amy 


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