Seven Beet Recipes: A Curated Collection

This week a friend contacted me and asked for some advice. She had never grown beets, or cooked with them before, and her garden was producing a beautiful crop of plump beets. After directing her to the various recipes on my blog, I decided it may be a sound idea to curate some collections of recipes that feature various vegetables and herbs.

So today I offer the first in a serious of posts. This one featuring the glorious beet. … More Seven Beet Recipes: A Curated Collection

Old Fashioned Sweet Pickled Beets

On the eve of Valentine’s Day I wanted to offer you up a romantic recipe. Last year I made a luscious beet soup that my husband John did not find delicious. However, his reaction was memorable and I still laugh thinking about it. Needless to say, I will not be making him soup this year. I am still deciding on an entree, but I know that I will definitely make a leafy green salad with pickled beets, feta cheese, raspberries, walnuts, and a homemade lemon dill dressing.
More Old Fashioned Sweet Pickled Beets