Published Writing

Here are some links to writing that I have had published:

In 2010 the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts sponsored a writing contest, Inspired by Art. Nearly 650 writers from 15 states submitted entries inspired by Dorothea Lange‘s Migrant MotherNipomo, Californiaon view in Light Works: Photographs from the Collection. Six judges worked in pairs to select one winner, runners up and entries of special merit in adult, high school and middle school categories. I won first place for my poem Do You See. Read my poem and the other winning pieces at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

“Ivy Sinclair was the kind of woman who wore lipstick to check the mail. Raise-their-blood-pressure-red was her new favorite shade. Her best friend Maddy told her she should really tone it down a bit and recommended a more “subtle and mature” berry color. Ivy, as her nature dictated, openly refused and she bought five new tubes all in the same brazen color. After all, life was like that–you never know when they would decide to stop making your favorite shade.”

Teaching The Great Gatsby in an American Literature class while student teaching in  inspired me to write a short story which became the 11th Annual Marquette Monthly Short Story Contest winner in April 2001. Links are currently not available to MM archived issues but I will share a link as soon as they are online.

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